Project management is the amalgamation of processes, that include but are not limited to, time, cost and quality of a project. The insightful knowledge, skill-set and experience brought to you by one of our project managers have proven to speed up productivity and enforce communications. What sets project management apart from just generally managing a building project is the wide range of skills and trained adaptability that our project managers can bring.



Our Project managers act as the go-to-person throughout our time with you. One of their main priorities is to keep you updated with time-scales, manage any risks or changes and above all keep the flow of communication open between all channels. The project managers piece together the time, cost and quality of your project. That way you can rest assured that you won’t ever be left in the dark. And that your project will match your fund and your timescale. Whilst ensuring the quality of the materials and the work will be impeccable. Whilst we endeavour as a company to ensure things are done on time and to high-quality, our project management track the work as it’s happening – keeping to deadlines and identifying risks.



Before any major construction work takes place, it is imperative that building regulations have been approved by the appropriate party. Building regulations are different from planning application, and in some instances, you will need both. This will seem like a lot of paperwork and a whole lot of headache. Luckily, our established foothold in the South East means our project managers are well known by the local councils and can not only do the paperwork for you but provide an updated and informative guide to both building regulations and planning application. If you do not comply with building regulations you will be prosecuted and fined.